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White Goldstone Rum®

Our classic white rum blends molasses and raw cane sugars from jaggery, panela and cane juice to make a truly unique white rum unlike anything else on the market today.

Tasting notes
The blend of three sugars creates a unique flavour profile with panela giving a subtle caramel hint, the jaggery providing a smoky undertone and the cane juice combining these flavours to give the rum a smooth and fresh flavour.

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Sipping rums

Perfect in a cocktail or straight up with ice

Rich and Pungent Spiced

Our take on spiced rum but at Goldstone we like to do things differently, our spiced rum has no added sugar or overpowering vanilla flavour. Instead we use nine spices to bring a pleasant full spice flavour to the palette, vanilla bean and orange peel to bring a natural sweetness to the drink. Our spiced rum might be slightly cloudy, this is because we only use natural ingredients to give the fullest flavour.

Tasting notes

Bold and rounded on the pallet bursting with a full spiced flavour. Cassia and allspice bring forward notes followed by a hit of ginger and clove. A growth of cardamon, vanilla and orange follow towards the end. Delightfully light and bold without a sweet sickly aftertaste. Think hot cross bun or spiced ginger cake on the nose.


Check out Steve the Barman’s review of our Spiced rum here.

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Dark & Stormy Ginger & Lime

The dark and stormy has been given a twist with this infusion. We’ve taken fresh lime peel and freshly grated ginger and distilled the flavours into the rum, giving a great cocktail boosting rum or delicious on the rocks. Take a look at our Instagram page to see a reel of us distilling our first batch.

Tasting notes
Lime and ginger give this rum a fresh and zingy flavour, Lime forward on the nose and pallet with a lovely warm ginger zing on the back end. Takes all mixers well and works great over ice with a squeeze of fresh lime.


Check out Steve the Barman’s review of our Ginger and Lime here.

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Double distilled using Nelmar our copper pot still and a single run through our vapour infusion column to create a smooth, earthy rum with a hint of sweetness on the back end, great for a Dark & Stormy or on its own over ice with a twist of lime.

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Espresso rumtini Coffee

Working in collaboration with The Barista Project, we have carefully selected 100% fair trade arabica beans from Honduras and Colombia that creates an elegant coffee which is blended our white rum.

The beans are classified as SHG (strictly high grown) which means they are grown over 1350 metres, coffee grown at high altitude and low temperatures produces a slower maturing fruit and denser beans create a deep and rich flavour.

As with all our products we don’t use added sugars, flavours or syrups, just rum, coffee beans and vanilla beans. It gives ours a lighter coffee note without being sweet and sickly

Works well with all the classic coffee cocktails, like espresso Rumtini – a great recipe found on our cocktails page, black or white Russian. It’s also great as a sipping rum, enjoy!

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Cask Aged

Available late 2023.

We use a selection of Bourbon and Port barrels along with and a couple that remain secret to aged our rums before blending to our own unique flavour profile. Hints of vanilla, banana & leather come through on this delicious edition of our Sussex rum.

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Cube Libre Kola Nut

Available late 2023.

Who doesn’t like rum and coke? So why not infuse our classic rum with the classic cola flavours to create a premium sipping spirit. Although the majority of branded colas no longer use kola nut we felt it is imperative to give it that old classic cola flavour.

It’s taken many hours to get the flavours right, we’ve added a touch of cinnamon, lemon and orange to capture that quintessentially classic cola flavour.

Tasting notes
The infusion of kola nut gives this rum a nutmeg aroma with a mild, earthy herbaceous flavour combined with hints of cinnamon, orange and lemon to gives this rum the classic cola taste.

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So… why are we different?

At Goldstone Rum® we live by the ethics of doing things properly and as much as possible traditionally, when we look at rums in the market we saw there is space for a more traditional style rum, rather than just re-distilling rum made from an imported Caribbean product and adding flavours to it.

The search began! We have always been a big fan of rum, it makes some of the greatest drinks and when matured properly it can be equal to a fine whisky or brandy, but where do you find fresh sugar cane in the UK? We got stuck here too, but after months of searching we found exactly what we needed, freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. After extensive testing we found that through blending cane juice and molasses we get a grassy rum that you would expect to find in Martinique or Brazil but also the carry over of high esters you would expect from a Jamaican or Bajan style rum.

We also add a touch of jaggery and panela to boost the flavour profile, both of which are raw sugars from India and Colombia.
We start with fermenting, this is a process using a specialised blend of yeast to convert the sugars into alcohol. Once we have the correct alcohol levels and brix readings we then move on to the fun part distillation. Our still has been specifically designed with for rum and gives it a super smooth flavour.

Some of our products are infused, we do this in a similar way to the production of Gin. There is a little compartment in our still that allows us to extract the oils, flavours and fragrances from a selection of fresh and dried spices and botanicals.

We hope to have some aged product for you all to enjoy shortly, but first we need to let the barrels work their magic and naturally flavour and mellow the rum. We use a variety of old oak barrels to support building a complex flavour profile, these range from our ex bourbon barrels from the USA, sherry, port, and a few other special varieties.

If you want a premium white rum, infused botanical rum or a deep complex aged rum our range of Goldstone Rums® will satisfy your palate, and if you fancy making your own recipe just drop us a line and book a evening at our Spirit Lab, where you can create your own special blend of rum. We will keep your recipe on file and send you bottles when the craving for more kicks in!


Ensuring we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum is one of our core beliefs. We’ve made steps to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible within our business.

  • The majority of our packaging is recyclable with the exception of our label.
  • We work with a shipping provider who is carbon neutral.
  • We work with suppliers who are reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Our transport vehicle is electric.