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In the darkest depths of lockdown, John and Georgina had an ambition. They were hatching plans to be more creative, to take them away from their corporate worlds and immerse themselves in something new. The prospect sounded daunting and exciting; a midlife flip to create a world where they were their own bosses and they had more time to spend with their young family. With many ideas bubbling around in their heads and late night discussions aplenty, their ideas were whittled down and Goldstone Rum ® was born.

Rewind 12 years and you would find John in the kitchen; a classically trained chef, John has always had a passion for food and drink. He loves getting creative and has spent many many hours refining recipes to perfection. But the antisocial hours led him into the corporate world of aviation and IT, where he currently works as a Chief Commercial Officer.

If locally produced, artisan products produced to the very best quality piques your interest, then Goldstone Rum® is for you

Georgina is the marketing whizz; having spent the past 13 years of her career strategising and promoting some of the UK’s-best-known brands, she knows what it takes to bring a business to market. Georgina grew up in a family owned pub; she spent many hours there with the punters, and has certainly seen what it takes to cut it in the drinks industry. Now a Mum to two young daughters, she wants to show them that it is possible to dare to dream, to mix things up and to take a leap into the unknown.

Georgina and John are really proud of what they bring to the rum market; their products are like nothing else available right now. They believe in doing things properly, refining their craft and bringing you the best British-made rum available in the UK. That’s why their rum is made from scratch using quality ingredients in a Sussex distillery located in the foothills of the South Downs. If locally produced, artisan products produced to the very best quality piques your interest, then Goldstone Rum® is for you.

Industry experts are talking about Goldstone Rum, Difford’s Guide have recently rated them 4.5/5 and Steve the Barman has given Goldstone Rum some fantastic reviews on his YouTube channel.

They also want to teach you the secrets; what is it that makes a spirit great? The Spirit Lab, Goldstone’s very own Rum School, gives you behind-the-scenes insights into the distillery and will give you the chance to distil your very own bottle of spirit to take home.

Georgina and John are bursting with ideas for how to make Goldstone Rum® great and we would love for you to join us on our journey.


Our beliefs

  • Our mission is to bring innovation and creativity to the spirits industry.
  • We believe in making rum properly using premium raw ingredients and long established techniques.
  • We believe in being a sustainably led company - where we can we will choose the most sustainable option (and be open and honest about our choices).
  • To be humble and listen, learn what our customers want.
  • To teach consumers about handcrafted spirits so they become as passionate as we are.

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